Leagues Season 4 is Coming!


So pretty much the same, like the double gear


Halfway, now just lower cost or up tokens so I can benefit from this


Add a multiple buy option and cheaper prices and it will be good


Scipley does not need for you to be their white knight. In fact they don’t care if you are.

They started leagues out by giving coins to every participant and then they took them away because of greed. Plain and simple.

Get off your high horse and go do another 40 pull and stop assuming everyone else’s level of commitment to the game.

I can get 300 coins a week from an alt account where I don’t even have to do more than a single raid. How’s that for “earning” it.

By offering more coins for finishing top 3 in each division is where your “earning” comes into play.


Don’t wanna get too greedy just yet lol.


This is good. And also shit.

Good because there will be lots of lovely gear (provided we can afford it, which is another moan for another post). But shit because the cooldown timer needs to refresh every week regardless, not just after we complete the full purchase.


They are fixed in the current Beta but no they are not retroactive


info on toons would be nice sure we seen them va vk but not hard update/nerf


They never think things through. Ever.

I guess we now have to be prepared to buy in bulk. :wink:


Leage S2 still ok
Leage S3 Shit
Leage S4 Still shit


What about toons and weapons in season 4 store, many players have more than 150k tokens .
What should we do with it . at least give us something we can buy with those tokens
Liliths , gears , weapons and maybe maybe boxes or wheels.


He should work for Trump the way he spins things…


Or Hillary uh


The cty babies are out in full force in this thread…i like the double gear…yay!


Every time things get good around here this happens… :smirk:

But leave the post where he called me a ****. Nice.


yay 2 toons a week still not good…


I concur with what said think coins should be standard throughout leagues… really don’t see it impacting upon scopely profit or tap joy offers… I for one did more tap joy offers as result of league coins so could do more pulls… now took coins away i aint doing anytap joy and cruising along in leagues happy in platium


Of course not… why would they be? Ridiculous.


The 330 I got last week from being demoted from d5 to d4 was barely felt and honestly kind of insulting. The fact that I would have won any platinum league and below is super annoying when I think about how many more coins the received the me. It’s a terrible system. I think like anything, they should add milestones to the week to get some coins. Ex… if you reach 10k trophies, you get x amount of coins and so on. I think that would be fair for everyone.


I think they should inter mix league store Tokens with season tokens for milestones as well. I have hit the 800k mark every season and bought everytoon. Just to be overloaded with season tokens now…or let us use season tokens to buy gear to level up season toons.