Leagues Season 4 is Coming!


Greetings Survivors!

We are fast approaching the end of Leagues Season 3 and we wanted to give you a quick summary of what to expect as we transition into Season 4.

Start Time (PDT) End Time (PDT)
Season 3 1-21-19 1:00 AM 3-18-19 1:00 AM
Season 4 3-18-19 2:00 AM 5-13-19 1:00 AM

Be aware that starting with Season 3, the season store and season will end on the same day. This will become the normal cadence going forward for this type of event.

Season 4 Season Break 3-18-19 1:00 AM 3-18-19 2:00 AM
Qualifier Qualifier 3-18-19 2:00 AM 3-25-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 1 Break 3-25-19 1:00 AM 3-25-19 2:00 AM
Active period 3-25-19 2:00 AM 4-1-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 2 Break 4-1-19 1:00 AM 4-1-19 2:00 AM
Active period 4-1-19 2:00 AM 4-8-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 3 Break 4-8-19 1:00 AM 4-8-19 2:00 AM
Active period 4-8-19 2:00 AM 4-15-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 4 Break 4-15-19 1:00 AM 4-15-19 2:00 AM
Active period 4-15-19 2:00 AM 4-22-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 5 Break 4-22-19 1:00 AM 4-22-19 2:00 AM
Active period 4-22-19 2:00 AM 4-29-19 1:00 AM
Stretch 6 Break 4-29-19 1:00 AM 4-29-19 2:00 AM
Active period 4-29-19 2:00 AM 5-6-19 1:00 AM
Home Stretch Break 5-6-19 1:00 AM 5-6-19 2:00 AM
Active period 5-6-19 2:00 AM 5-13-19 1:00 AM

No Seeding in Season 4

  • You will start Season 4 in the same League that you finished Season 3 for both Solo and Faction Leagues. Your starting division will be determined during the first week of Season 4 based on your performance during the Qualification Stretch.

    1. For example, Bob finished Season 2 in Platinum League, Division 2. At the beginning of Season 3, he will have the opportunity during the Qualifying stretch to qualify for any Division in Platinum.
    2. Note that the qualification period will ONLY let you qualify for a division. If your faction changes regions at the end of Season 2, you will start in Bronze for Season 3, and will NOT be able to skip ahead to more advanced leagues.

Season 4 Rewards

  • Stretch Rewards for Season 4 :

    1. Solo Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum league players will be awarded Coins at the end of each stretch if they are promoted.
    2. All Solo Diamond league players will receive a Coin reward at the end of each stretch.
    3. Season 4 Qualifier will not award Coins.
  • New Season 4 Exclusive Characters - Two new Season 4 exclusive characters will be revealed, and become available, at the start of the Season 4. We will also be replacing the non-exclusive characters for Season 4.

    1. The Season 4 exclusive characters will have unique gear requirements for 6-Star evolutions to Tier 3 and Tier 4. These unique pieces of gear (Letterman Jackets and Baseball Caps) will be obtainable in the Gold league store.
    2. Gift for Solo Platinum and Diamond players - those who finished Season 3 in Solo Platinum or Diamond league will be rewarded with a trainer bag during the Qualifier Period of Season 4! Claim this bag for free in the league store.

Season 4 League Store Update

  • The gear items in the League Store will have their stock doubled. This applies to all gear except for the unique gear requirements of Letterman Jackets and Baseball Caps.

Leagues Season 4 Toons Stat Leaks!

Ummmm what? Your copying and pasting info from last season but it doesn’t apply to this season because there’s no seeding? I’m confused.


Season 1 had both a seeding week to place players in bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond and a qualification week. Subsequent seasons have only a qualification week.


What about the toons?


Oh yes, give the players who probably already have tons of op toons coin rewards after each round, but screw the rest.


At that level, they’re spending way more than they’re getting back. It’s not unlike credit cards that give cash rewards to their customers with the best credit who spend more.


If they’re spending on something then they’re fully aware on what they’re spending on, not our fault that they spend x amount of money on these offers/cans/whatever else the case is.


Either way, that doesn’t explain why lower leagues shouldn’t be getting coins like they are (they don’t have to get promoted and can earn coins, Platinum and down do have to be promoted to get coins). Give Diamond league more, but give lower leagues coins as well. Not like it would hurt them much. Anyone who says otherwise is talking bs.


i like this


Doesn’t do much without more tokens though.


The amount of effort it takes to stay in diamond leagues deserves more coins.


@LadyGeek is right man. I spent all season in d5 until last week. It’s really not worth it and I only stayed hoping the league missions would get updated (which of course they didn’t and I’m sure it won’t be retroactive). Last week I spent 60 raid cans… just to get demoted and get 330 coins. Sweetness.


Which is exactly why I said give Diamond league more coins. Doesn’t mean others shouldn’t get coins as well.


Either way, you get coins for being in Diamond no matter what you do. And as I said, give Diamond league more coins, but give other leagues coins as well. Doesn’t have to be as much as diamond league.


I think the problem is when players literally get 100 trophies and still get coins. I do think they should expand it. Maybe top 30 or forty. Not just promotion.


Yeah I’d be down with that idea.


I call bs. Everyone deserves a small pittance of coins. There is no reason you can’t give 250 coins in every division below diamond as a thank you for playing. Give 3rd 500, 2nd 750, and 1st 1000 as the reason to try to finish top 3.

They made the mistake by giving coins out at the start. To then take them away and say nope only the ones getting promoted or anyone in diamond is ridiculous.

Keep pissing off the 98% and see how much longer before your precious 2% has no one else to play with.


I call B.S. I’ve played this game since it began. Coins are a precious commodity and now they just give them away for free to those that earn them? That’s amazing. Scopely giving something back IF YOU EARN it. I’m all for it. Thanks, scopes


Oh yes, because spending is earning :roll_eyes:


I agree with @RedReaper, everyone doesn’t have to get equal coins, but there should be some form, however big or small, of consistent income of coins for everyone