Leagues Season 3


Is there anyway we could get a hint into what season 3 may hold? I feel like instead of the extended buying period like last time this would be more efficient.

Make a post showing what characters will be able to be bought next season (a week is plenty of time to allow people to make up their minds).


I think that’s the point.

Buy or don’t buy. It’s all about resource management.


vk leaks should be coming soon


Last season’s vk leaks came about 1-2 days before the season ends

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Exactly. Why do we need to wait an extra week when we’ve already had 8 to decide? Sigh.

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Season ends with league token (vs weekly league tokens). Some players may not have enough until the season ends. So the first week (which is division setting week) is used to allow these players the time to purchase with tokens they earned from that season.

I don’t see the issue with this. Makes sense.


The issue is for those who are already decided, which it seems (judging by last season) more people were than not.

I agree that the use of the extra week could be beneficial for those who are still undecided but I see it that if they put both the new shop and old shop up at once (or even showed what the new shop will have early), then it would solve both issues, and likely allowing people to decide more easily on which they’ll spend their tokens on.

I head Shaun the green character will be in season 3 so hopefully they will also be a yellow as we have yet to have a yellow

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