Leagues Season 3 Update - Jan 23, 2019

With the start of Leagues Season 3 here, we wanted to provide a quick summary of what to expect with the new season.

No Seeding in Season 3

  • You will start Season 3 in the same League that you finished Season 2 for both Solo and Faction Leagues. Your starting division will be determined during the first week of Season 3 based on your performance during the Qualification Stretch.
    1. For example, Bob finished Season 2 in Platinum League, Division 2. At the beginning of Season 3, he will have the opportunity during the Qualifying stretch to qualify for any Division in Platinum.
    2. Note that the qualification period will ONLY let you qualify for a division. If your faction changes regions at the end of Season 2, you will start in Bronze for Season 3, and will NOT be able to skip ahead to more advanced leagues.

Faction Region Transfer Update Is Coming!

  • Shortly after the beginning of Season 3, we will release a game update (18.1) that allows Factions to transfer regions without losing their current League standing! We’re aiming for the end of January for the update to be available to all players.

Season 3 Rewards

  • Stretch Rewards - We’ve made some changes to Stretch rewards for Season 3:
    1. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum league players will be awarded Coins at the end of each stretch if they are promoted.
    2. All Diamond league players will receive a Coin reward at the end of each stretch.
    3. Coin rewards for the top three ranks at each division have been increased.
    4. Season 3 Qualifier will not award Coins.
    5. League token reward amounts have been increased at every division.
  • New Season 3 Exclusive Characters - Two new Season 3 exclusive characters will be revealed, and become available, starting at the conclusion of the Qualification Stretch. We will also be replacing the non-exclusive characters for Season 3.
    1. The Season 3 exclusive characters will have unique gear requirements for 6-Star evolutions to Tier 3 and Tier 4. These unique pieces of gear (Athletic Jackets and Baseball Caps) will be obtainable in the Gold league store.

So I assume you either gotta wait an entire week to buy each gear piece or spend 1 k coi ns to refresh something like that maybe?


Yawn… Nothing exciting in the update but thank you for making it so i can just cruise in leagues, using 30 raid cans a week was stupid


Yay bottlenecks…

What’s wrong with players building diversity. This is lame.


Why could this information not have been relayed over the weekend before season 3 started. Why should we be three days into the season before you tell us what is going on, and most of us had to learn you guys were shafting a huge portion of players through screen shots from line and discord conversations. Once again Scopely’s communication with its player base is pathetic and insulting.

Hopefully a second CM will at least relay information to us…


Wait… so what’s the point of this week? I want all my raid cans back @JB.Scopely



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How many jackets? How many caps? It PAYS to be transparent.

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So this is the announcement we’ve all been waiting for? Lol.

Doesn’t even officially explain why y’all took away coins from leagues. Instead, we have to rely on screenshots from LINE that says competition was ‘stale’.


The characters better be worth the special gear


if the new characters only need the new gear for six star version tier 3 and 4 and no need of gps and canteen i will be happy


These new characters better have gen 2 stat increases.


Wonder what the point of the special gear is for t3 and t4… I’m sure it’s not to save us a canteen and gps… can’t wait for the hook!

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On a side note… why would ANYONE, outside of diamond leagues, try during the qualification stretch of your only giving coins to those promoted. It would be best to start in platinum 1 than platinum 4 let’s just say. So sad.


Should be further noted league token increase is negated by the necessity to buy this exclusive gear. So coins were swapped for nothing, really


So for qualifying, it pays to stay low, that way you can continue to be promoted and receive coins each promotion to the higher rank…would have been nice to know that 5 days ago.


Phew I was worried you were gonna have something fun in this game


Yep…absolute joke. I have been pushing hard this week to get closer to diamond…would have been great to know the future plans before it actually had an impact.


cool how about you bring back the coins