Leagues Season 2 is Coming

Greetings Survivors!

We are fast approaching the end of Leagues Season 1, on November 25th, and we wanted to give you a quick summary of what to expect as we transition into Season 2.

No Seeding in Season 2

  • You will start Season 2 in the same League that you finish Season 1 for both Solo and Faction Leagues. Your starting division will be determined during the first week of Season 2 based on your performance during the Qualification Stretch. This Qualification Stretch will begin on November 26, 09:00 UTC and will last until December 3rd, 08:00 UTC
    • For example, Bob finished Season 1 in Platinum League, Division 2. At the beginning of Season 2, he will have the opportunity during the Qualifying stretch to qualify for any Division in Platinum.
    • Note that the qualification period will ONLY let you qualify for a division. If your faction changes regions at the end of Season 1, you will start in Bronze for Season 2, and will NOT be able to skip ahead to more advanced leagues.

Season 1 and Season 2 Season Store Rewards

  • Season 1 Store Rewards Extension - The Season 1 Store items will expire at the end of the Home Stretch, but they will immediately be restored for an additional week until the end of the Season 2 Qualification Period. This will allow you to use rewards from the Season 1 Home Stretch to help purchase Season 1 exclusive content.

  • New Season 2 Exclusive Characters - Two new Season 2 exclusive characters will be revealed, and become available, starting at the conclusion of the Qualification Stretch, when the Season 1 (restored) content expires. We will also be replacing the non-exclusive characters for Season 2.

Region Transfer: More Regions and Faction Transfer

  • Even more Regions will have access to Region Transfer as Season 2 begins.

  • We are happy to announce that we will be adding the ability for Faction leaders to move Factions AND retain their Faction League progress! We don’t have an exact date yet, and are aiming for early 2019: we wanted to communicate this before Season 2 because we recognize that many players are frustrated that they lose their Faction’s League progress when they transfer. Look for additional information coming soon.


Awesome :clap:t2:

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Man it starts instantly after season 1? No break at all… that’s unfortunate since cans has been used constatly to keep up and I’m at this point burnt out. A break or more ways to get cans would be appreciated.


Soooooo. season2 characters wont be introduced until a week after season 2 starts … a bit silly isnt it

half of the people already got what they wanted from the store … most are waiting for the change


Are you actively pursuing this thing? Like using cans and everything? That seems insane to me. Just play the game at the level that you enjoy and don’t make a job of leagues… It’s a 24/7/365 grind, bro.


Not silly for those struggling to get enough for the toons they want, I’d reckon, and waiting a week doesn’t exactly hurt anybody that already got their toons


Are we sure that we will be able to use season tokens for the next league?

Nope not at all



This game is about competition so if I can’t compete I will drop in this case.

@Frida thank you :slight_smile:

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What about landmarks? Will a reset occur?

But then season 2 characters come out and might be better also …

theres no harm in having 2 segments i reckon, keep season 1 toons on a timer and let season 2 content come out the same time as season 2 … just like season 1 did


Thanks… :slight_smile:

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Exited to see who they put up for Season Characters, weapons etc. Who do you wish for ? :slight_smile:

Most likely that will be reset


I think so too, I would like some kind of official confirmation.

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So you don’t think new characters will appear ?

but where do you see it ?