Leagues Season 1 Ends. And I see potential bugs

Why do I have this weird feeling they screwed up something again? I really hope not… Till then I will be patiently waiting for my trophies…

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Ok I got the solo trophies, at least, still waiting for the faction rewards. But I previously already got Mira. Now I can buy her again …

Just noticed that, I bought all of them but still…

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And… Scopely, please tell me this is a bug and it will be fixed. I am in diamond, I don’t wanna go down to silver or gold leagues… Lol


Try buying something… the game crashes.

It’s not a bug,once the seeding begins you’ll get acces to everything

I bought zeke, game was alright…

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This is the incentive for all those facs who transfer regions and start over at Bronze. :rofl:

And jb said they’ll be extending the duration of the previous rewards

@JB.Scopely is this a bug…?

I bought konrad and priya and not crash, hmmmmmmmm…

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Sike,they messed something up

Quick buy second zek before it’s rolled back imagine hahaha they probably take the toon and not refund you the trophies

keep on surviving :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2:


Whaaaat? Another Scopley balls up?? Lmao been an outstanding couple months.
And yes nothing is showing up for me.
Thanks for giving other players a head start on placement in the league :ok_hand:


Wake up scopes and fix this :poop:

How the hell do I get my league store to open up I’ve done like 12 raids and a bunch of stuff in tts. How do I fix this as I’d falling well behind in seeding for season 2?


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It is a bug, I’m having the same issue… teams looking into the matter. At least so I’ve read on another post.

im tempted to time how long this issue takes to fix, no real money lost for them, when club andrea was messed up they sure were quick to fix that…just sayin’