Leagues placement after transfers


I have a faction in a secondary region, multiple different people have joined it and all see a different league placement and ranking. Is this due to people transferring in and will it be updated/corrected? Scoring moves the rankings for those players who created an account(no matter who scores), but doesn’t show up for the players who transferred an account in. I’m assuming this is a delay in being updated, like the candles, but I wanted to be sure.



Hey @Final-Boss it seems to be a refresh delay indeed.

Thanks for the heads up and let’s keep monitoring this. If it doesn’t refresh shortly please do update the thread and I’ll pick it up from there.


I have an issue also with league rank and scoring . All started after transfer . Score does not increase in the season leaderboard but in my profile i can see the correct score and i should be at rank 2 . But instead it shows me at rank 5 and in profile it shows im rank 29 . Also in season leaderboard it says i have 68688 trophies but in profile i have 91782 trophies .


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