Leagues not promoting

So anyone else having a problem where you don’t get promoted happened to me last season and this season doesn’t look any better I was stuck in bronze last time this time it looks like I’ll be stuck in silver I messaged support last time and was told I didn’t earn enough trophies yet I was first place and had no promotion zone

Yeah finished 4th and no promotion

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Got any screenshots? I’d have take plenty if, as you seem to suggest, it’s happened more than once

are you thinking you move straight from silver to gold and not realising you have to go through the stages of silver 1, 2 , 3 ect

I have some on another device none on this one

Yes. Its a ladder system. Bronze I, II, III, IV, V then when you hit bronze v you move to gold.

No I went through all stages then got stuck in last one of bronze now stuck in last stage of silver

Move to silver then gold lol I know how

Also bronze has 3 stages silver has 5 … I was stuck in 3 on b now stuck in 5 on s

Sounds like a bug to me. Crazy too because we almost never experience bugs in this game. :smirk:

No way a bug in this game?:joy::joy::joy::scream:

Da green arrow points up . Mommy why does it push me down?(feel free to add Green Arrow jokes now ^^)

Not when it’s nowhere in sight :unamused:

@JB.Scopely @LadyGeek any advice?

I have no access to the data that would tell me how many trophies you have and how many it takes to be promoted. There are many different silver leagues, and maybe it’s possible you could win a silver league and not get promoted? I don’t know how the code is actually supposed to work, so it’s impossible for me to know from one forum post if it’s a bug or not. This is the first I’ve heard of this happening to anyone, and nobody else is chiming in that it’s a problem for them or someone else they know.

So, apologies for not being more helpful, but my only suggestion is to find the forum post “how to report bugs” and ask support.

I’ve been 3-5 times higher than everyone else in each league I had plenty as the other top players moved up it was just a random classic auto reply

Can you give us a screen shot of where you’ve placed each week, go to the league screen click on question mark at top, then click detailed info bottom right, then schedule. Should be able to see where you’ve place each week and whether you’ve been promoted or not

The first time was last season I can get someone to post a pic of what my current league looks like but don’t have the ones from last season that’s when I was stuck in bronze the leader board looked the same as it does now

image image image image

No promotion or demotion zones

Thanks ob and that’s what it looks like each time I get locked in a league bracket was stuck in bronze like that for weeks otherwise I’d be close to finishing gold now as I had to seed in bronze at the start of this season came out first then came first and got bumped to silver climbed to SV and stuck … Again