Leagues milestones

Ok in solo leagues my next milestone is 98,000 trophies but I have 133,584 and yet it says I need 28,000 more to reach the 98,000 but I have gone past it. Anyone got any info on this deal here or am I just screwed

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Known bug. Visual only, you’ll recieve all milestones you earn


Use the search bar no need to make a thread everytime you see something

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No need for smart ass comments either but her here people are, and it’s my account I will make post anytime I damn well please, just scroll past if you don’t want to read it or contribute anything useful.


I got it too. I got the 1.6k coins milestone but in the thing it says I dont got it.

Copy/paste from the last thread about this:

This shows your correct trophies.

You have already passed this milestone and received the rewards for it in your inbox.

Watch your profile pic carefully and pay attention to the next milestone. When your profile pic total passes 325k, you’ll get the next milestone even though the other pic shows the wrong amount.

Thanks ladygeek, I just wasn’t sure if I had received them and when I collect stuff in my rewards I just hit and collect but since this happened i pay attention to what I’m claiming now so I can keep up with it

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