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I just don’t understand why leagues are pay for play now. This is craaaaaazy. You can fall back 2 or 3 weeks and still not make it into top 100. Even when playing regularly.

It’s gotta end. Please consider going back to the old method. There’s no use in grinding anymore. We were so happy and accomplished when we made it into diamond before… the journey was worth it. Now it’s not.


IMO, it’s loosely considered P2W once you start getting into Diamond territory.

If you’re in Gold/Plat, it’s less about spending and more about activity. Most of your league trophies come from solo tournament placements, arena placements, or war/onslaught/raid activity.



Idk about that there are still some people that sandbag still

Sad fact is they’re going to try to draw as much :money_with_wings: as possible. And they think throwing :whale: in with everyone else will push players to spend to get ahead. :rofl:

It doesn’t, it makes you want to do the bare minimum.

Sandbaggers are annoying but they are inevitable. There’s not much than can be done. Putting coins back into leagues would help.


I disagree, all league levels have become spending frenzies. I’m active as hell in events, but place low in arenas. I can’t break diamond to save my life. Whereas previously I floated D1-D3 under old rules.

Arena placement has outweighed all other activity at this point. They’ve even gone so far to make draft arena “endurance” for the first time ever this week… which entirely defeats the purpose of endurance containing limitations through your roster depth.


Draft has been endurance in previous weeks before.

Arena placement, for dominion, can still get you within promotion range without spending. There’s definitely less of a safety net as you have to make sure you’re always maximizing the amount of points you can get, which means less mistakes in terms of losing a character or taking too many turns.

I’m in diamond 1 without spending and will likely be promoted up to diamond 2 next week, so it isn’t like I’m not experiencing the same thing you’re seeing.

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Domination is the only viable option of securing league points for promotion. But that option is rigged with RNG… Running a perfect T1 rush on strongest 5 opponents on 4 entries in Old School will secure you an amazing ranking of 28th. No, thank you…

Other types of Arenas are virtually impossible to T1 win, while I don’t have the toons/weapons to consistently T2 win either (more like 2x T2 wins, 1x T3 win, 1xT4 win, 1xT7+ win).

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