Leagues have RUINED territories. Potential solution


No one really does anything in territories anymore since the arrival of leagues. Most everything is walkered (white). No one has any incentive to clear walkers because, well…why spend the energy, get NO league TROPHIES, get crappy rewards (food, materials and a handful of useless gear) only to get about 4-6 tokens for holding the territory until your shield drops an hour later and everyone farms you for league trophies, most often leaving it to walkers again. Let’s see, I spend energy to clear walkers, get nothing for it and then someone else comes along and farms league trophies off of me…yeah, sign me up! :frowning:

There is really NO INCENTIVE to clear walkers. Attackers are leaving territories to walkers either because they don’t have energy, have no free (unassigned) teams or most likely are trolls. What a shock that trolls are walkering everything just to cause grief for others.

In any case, if Scopely wanted to have territories more active and have us fight more amongst ourselves it appears that leagues have had the OPPOSITE effect, at least in our region.

The solution I believe is to give league trophies for clearing WALKERS as well as attacking owned territories. Maybe less trophies than owned territories but something. Come on Scopely, throw us a bone and give us some incentive to clear walkers in territories so that people actually want to participate in territories again.


Or just take leagues off of territories all together.


Scopely has taken the position that leagues are designed to reward PVP (player vs. player) activities. I don’t believe they will ever give points for clearing walkers. Lowering the amount of energy to clear walkers would help (why not 0 energy to clear walkers?). What other creative solutions can we come up with?


Nothing, they wanted it this way, not saying that to be a dck, if they wanted it to work another way they’d say so or at least say hey we’re thinking of solutions


Only reason not 0 would be they dont want the farming of crap resources I assume. Easy fix is no drops from walkers and 0 energy or make it like 4 max to clear not like 12 sometimes.


I’m going to give Scopely more than an hour to weigh in before I assume this is the way they want it. Not sure if this was posted and ignored by them elsewhere however.

If they want to encourage PvP (which I agree they DO) then this is a total FAIL because there’s rarely more than 5 territories owned in our region and those usually have no more than 2 teams (6000 stamina) so… there’s about 20 whole PvP attacks going on per HOUR in our region. That is hardly stimulating PvP action. :frowning:


There have been dozens of posts about territories and leagues in the past few weeks. JB (the Scopely community manager) has stated that leagues are designed to reward active PVP and not PVE such as clearing walkers.


Well…OK. I guess territories are gonna die then. I know I’m not the only one that completely ignores them at this point. That sucks. :frowning:


Or they need to find a way to make it worth taking territories from walkers. I’ll have to do a search and see if there were other proposed solutions.


Award faction and solo trophies for holding a territory for an hour. 50 faction trophies and solo trophies per defensive team. So place all 3 in and get 150 of each trophy every hour. This encourages people to place defensive teams in, makes it worthwhile to refresh teams, and encourages holding spots instead of sending them to walkers.

Each attack only grants 10 trophies and still only against human teams. Thus it’s still PVP focused but makes it worthwhile to hold spots instead of only walkering them.


How about this:

Award the same Territory trophy amount but ONLY for the final capture of the territory (therefore changing it from PVE to PVP), and also award trophies to people who put teams in the territories. However, only give trophies out WHEN they actually defend. You get some credit for defending and losing, and perhaps some more for defending and winning.

That way, if you throw a team in to defend, you will get SOME credit for their defending. While it is not as many trophies as one can get by using the 10 energy to attack territories, you still get some.


How about just increasing the rewards you get for holding it for a hour. Instead of 4 tokens make it 30 or something. And add tokens to the ones that don’t have them.


walkers need to be a fixed amount killed, not this wierd ratio thing.

since it takes 2 energy to kill a players team.

1 energy for to kill a fixed amount 100 walkers


reduce the walkers on the territories by half
then 1 energy to kill a fixed amount of 50 walkers.

The problem is 8 energy has a high impact vs players but 8 energy vs walkers feels it has very little impact in comparison.


How about FIXING the constant crashes in Territories FIRST, and then sort out this hot mess you’ve created Scopely?

Your teams innovative ideas are just regressive on gameplay…


I think the upcoming patch is supposed to fix the crashes? Or at least I saw something about “territory notifications fix” which I believe is one of the major cause of crashes.

Anyway, just checked our territory map. 5 territories owned. The rest walkered. All at 3000 stamina. Yep. Territories in FRANKLIN are dead. Good job Scopely!

I don’t even look any more. This has made me lose interest in territories completely and I’m starting to lose interest in the game as well.


The recently released update was supposed to fix the territory crashes. I don’t think it did. If anyone gets video of it, that might help shrug


Didn’t territories ruin territories?

Leagues just put a final nail in the coffin.


This is all planned. A new month pass is coming, in this pass is things like tokens, faster energy regen, xp boost, crafting boost, etc. They added territorys to leagues like this and they arnt changing it, this way they can push people toward the new pass which gives you territory like boosts…


How’s a video s’posed to help? Evidence?

Step1: enter territories
Step2: attack a territory,insert team. Possibly crash, if not…
Step3: attack same territory, defeat team, crash and reboot game


There might be info on the video that a developer would see that we don’t. Maybe they discover certain taps in a certain order contribute. Maybe it’s timing. Maybe it’s certain teams. More information is always better.