Leagues bugged?

I’ve just finished my six raids and eight rounds of survival road. I’m among the top three or four scorers in my faction yet it’s suddenly stopped registering the vast majority of my league points. I’ve just inexplicably dropped from 15th to 50th. What gives?

Arena… That’s how it’s going to be #widenthegap

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Lol same here. Top 10 to 45. Do they want me to play all day or an extra 2 minutes for arenas to be successful?

Exactly like me lol… Jumped from #7 to #45. Finished first arena #46

Sooo happy it’s home stretch and I can just not care this week :joy:


It’s honestly a disaster - the league ties have to change. It’s taking any incentive away to play unless you pay for it


Needs to be put into proportion. Takes 2 minutes to make your arena attacks. If I spent 2 minutes raiding I wouldn’t win the league

Arena trophies is only way I can get top 10 in league so works well for me.

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