Leagues, Bots, and a serious shortage of wood


If we are going to basically be forced to fight bots all the time since the launch of leagues you need to up the amount of wood and food each bot provides.

18k is not going to cut it, at all. Meet us halfway at least and have each bot provide 60k in wood and food. Although I would prefer 100k. We need this wood to get scraps since it takes like 50k in scraps to max a gold mod since you had to bake in set fails with each mod.

Everything does not need to be so much of a grind or worse locked behind a paywall.


18k of each is a pittance.

Make 100k happen @JB.Scopely


How about you can raid people from your bracket with people from your region


Couldnt agree more with that! When leagues was first announced I assumed that was the point of it, to have cross region raiding. Instead Im stuck grinding the same 30 or so players and their bot variants. Great idea leagues, but how do I know how hard it is for other people in my league, they could be facing poorer teams (ie not teams with 5 stun guns) and getting easier points than me. Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. In our region very few people will drop d for the events meanwhile I know there are smart regions who do. Before transfers I could auto like 90% of them so it didn’t matter to me. Now everyone has human shields and revives. It’s making raiding a royal pain in the ass and a giant time sink.

BTW I would gladly take 30 different bot setups right about now. I generally will see about 8-12 teams. Try raiding that to 2400. My plan for this week is to not raid at all. I honestly can’t be bothered anymore.


Hate to say it but Ive taken to just using my 10 territories attacks for my trophies anyway, raid events have rubbish rewards so I generally dont beat my head againest a wall on those lol


I was using all mine during the qualifiers but once I saw them cut the rewards in half for the 2nd week I stopped. Now onto the 3rd week, they cut them a little bit more. Can’t be bothered to care about leagues with these “rewards”. There’s nothing great in the shop and I got Zeke so I’m gonna coast the rest of the way from here on out.

It amuses me to no end how hard some people are going. :rofl:


Yeah I find it funny too, Its not like its hard to do well in the league, my bracket is about 2/3’s dead accounts that have a zero score. My qualifier stretch one guy was 1st, 7k in front of 2nd. Not a lot of logic in that


Coming across 100k wood is like finding affordable healthcare…


Remember the days and it wasn’t too long ago when everyone was tired of all this wood we had and how we have no use for it?

Now its I’m outta wood. We NEED more wood!

Officer Woods is holding down the delinquent wood protesters!!!


Hmmm… never have that problem. I farm 23-8 and hit my scraps limit by midday. After that, I’m just wasting other resources to turn all the excess wood into blue/red grenades… which I no longer need (for converting back into wood) because there is so much wood coming from farming World and SR… Gimme, gimme on the extra food though! :grin:
What I would LOVE is if they would finally expand the dang town!!! Been stuck at level 20 town for two years now!?! Let me spend my wood there…


Wait, how have you run out of wood?

Every evening I sell some battle items to get my full quota of scrap, yet I have probably very slightly increased my number of grenades (all three types) since mods landed. I find myself crafting more than enough (after maxing my scrap during raid tournaments and Survival Road) to still be hoarding wood.



  • Selling all battle items (especially granades) which are rarely used when you reach certain level
  • Selling Items from your Inventory (ingredients), but there’s a risk some might be needed later on for weapon crafting so don’t sell all (leave 100-150 of each)
  • SR tournament, especially when you use tokens to repeat certain stage (Gold, Elite)
  • Farming low level stages on World map, where you don’t use much energy
  • Raiding other players, check how much certain player can give you (upper right) before raiding him. People often have lots of wood stashed.


And do this mission for mod scraps. They start from pt. 8. It pays out!


No more wood please, I’m full up… and unfortunately still adding to those totals daily.
Lift the wood>>scrap conversion quota though and then see how quickly I run out of wood!!!


I love how this forum is… I don’t need this so no one else needs it also… must be why they took our good farmable gear maps away… someone said no I don’t need gear any more look how much I got

I say open another way for all types of items


I would like to buy parts.

I keep failing my upgrades :frowning:


Yep, 100% this.

I don’t have all day to farm stupid maps for parts so I can make stupid items to then sell for half the value. I was raiding 6 times in the morning and 6 times at night and that was pretty much covering the daily wood necessary for the gears. Now you can’t find anyone to raid any longer since leagues started up. It’s all bots.

They need to increase the amount of wood for beating a bot team. End of discussion.


Viagra helps with wood.


Wasn’t saying to farm for parts… that would be dumb. It makes me sick that I have so many grenades because that’s the only other option for ‘disposing’ of the wood.
Also never said that anyone else didn’t need wood. Was simply getting at the fact that there already are other ways available besides raiding to earn your wood.
23-8 drops 70-80k wood per run. Blow out your free world energy in the morning on it. Blow it out again when it recharges. Use a can if you have em. Use some of the salvage tokens you get daily to save time if need be.
Run the daily SR for free to earn wood (varies widely, but can be 40-70k per level, for me at least).

That being said… I agree 100%, the rewards in wood and food should be much more for beating a bot team.

And PS… Scopely took away farmable gear maps because they can’t earn money on them, period.