League's are not fair, here's why

Bet you thought I’d come with some intelligent argument. Nope. The point is…

It’s unfair because people played for seasons upon seasons to get to where they were and overnight it was all thrown away.

Now lower level people are fighting against other’s who literally were in the highest league. That’s not fair and it’s virtually impossible to compete. It needs to be reformatted/restructured… or taken back to where it was.

You telling me every season we’ll have to do this over and over? Where’s the logic?


Let’s hope to God that it won’t but I fear we will see tweak upon tweak - season after season while we continue to miss out on those important things we depend on from leagues


In the meantime take a week off, do your best to not promote, and try again next week.

I’m having a nice week in G3. So nice, I might anti promote next week too, cos I really enjoy not fighting dog eat dog, tooth and nail for a ring a week, 4 coins, and a pork scratching


I’ve never done anything to influence my league standings. If I got promoted, I got promoted. If I got demoted, I got demoted. I never cared. How strong or weak I went at a tournament was never influenced by leagues and I certainly didn’t waste my time in territories.

With the new structure I got to G2 and G3 pretty easily. Last week I never got into the promotion range for P1. This week I haven’t left it.

The only thing that upset me is that Jason was not a direct buy, but that’s another issue…

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It also ruins war cause people won’t stop joining they need them points.

I’m sure they think they’re right tho and we are wrong.

I wonder if they even play the game very much.


Leagues suck scopley, having people sandbag is not health for your piggy bank😉

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jason is wet liquid shit anyways

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Well like I figured out before this post. With the reshuffle of leagues, it’s going to be hard for me to make platinum 1 and in the top 84 til maybe the very end. Right now I’m not even in the top 120 at gold 3, and it’s the 5th week. Right about the mid pack, and now with people sandbagging, it will make it difficult again to move up. Now those people waited for a few weeks for pack A to move forward, now I have to wait for Pack B(sandbaggers) to move on. If what you claim(sandbagging) is happening that’s is my new world.
The old system I was gold 3 and 4 on a regular basis. Made some coins, had a group I could compete against on a regular basis. Now we got this…

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Scopely said it will be this way next season for sure because of all the positive feedback surrounding it even though I have yet to see anyone happy with how leagues are now on the forums, line, discord, or global chat.


Just do the same - don’t aim for straight up promotion but wait a week to move and you will be much better off


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How? There were no demotions, so you could only move up from gold 3 and 4 once. My mini did it usually with one raid, it would have been very hard to do almost anything in the game and not get a promotion out of gold 3 and 4. Did you mean Platinum 3/4?

Anyway, JessicaRabbit is right, just play normally and the promotions will come,

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