Leagues already moving wrong direction

When leagues started they were a breath of fresh air for competition across regions - and I would say the first league season was great - coins every week and the yellow impair knife if you were in diamond and trainers for plat

Fast forward to season 2, no weapon or other reward for diamond (why bother with no carrot at the end) and now no coins for the qualification phase of season 3… And let’s not forget league character specific gear coming soon .

Why must scopely wreck what was a great feature?


The diamond reward is in the league store - crate with 17 trainers.

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That’s not the diamond specific reward, people in platinum (at very least maybe lower) also got that

We had the fast impair on attack knife last season for diamond status


That’s for Platinum not Diamond.

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Yeah dude smarten up

Look at it this way, you dont need to compete then, you dont have to spend to keep rank in leagues as it gives no coins and the toons will need special gear, in a way scopely is doing us a favor a shooting themselves in the foot


the knife was a exclusive reward for the new feature. never again


@JB.Scopely can we get your take on why no diamond league reward?

Yep. Still waiting to see that in the diamond reward area.

Honestly thought season 1 would be the only time they gave coins was shocked to see it again.They should have said something in the game tho.

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The more I think about it, I’m fine with it. Been spending way too much time in the game. I almost never participated in solo events before leagues. I can back to not participating.

Yep the only good thing about removing coins from leagues is that I dont have to worry about raid & territorie energy all day and no more burning cans for solo events, just saving for faction events and if there has some sort of good museum event

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