League wars suggestion

League crw but teams are categorized to leagues and face each other’s. After war factions can be demoted/promoted to do higher/lower league. Awards depend not only from rank but also from league. What do you think?

i think it is bad because maybe factions will try to do bad to get in lower league ranking to get easier time of 1st place and that will be bad for other factions that are in the rightful lower leagues


I’ll pass on that idea

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I totally agree factions aren’t going to all just drop, everyone has there own personal goals in leagues, so Yes we should be fighting the teams in our league at our own levels IMo

Would like to see that as it will be in my opinions the better versions of onslaught

Yes right… 1st in Gold league gets better than let’s say 11th in Diamond :joy:. That’s Scopley nightmare. Factions will stop using cans in tournaments to get demoted.

Only way it could work if last place in Diamond gets better plays than first in Platinum, etc. But then people will complain (as it’s normal here) that to factions (who spend most time playing) get better rewards than lower factions (who usually are less active).


Miserable idea. Pass. You should have to fight teams of all capabilities. Not just on your level.

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