League trophies


Hey can we please have a table or a section in the faction tab in profile. Giving us our total faction trophies earned for season!
We can keep track of our solo trophies but not our fac ones…why ?


When you go to the faction league section to see your factions overall score you can then click on your faction and then click on the members tab and it will show you everybody in your faction and their scores :slightly_smiling_face:


It only gives you current stretch scores not overall scores for season !


Yeah sorry buddy just trying to help you with what is possible to see. My best guess is you wont be able to see faction league season scores until the end of season 1 on 11/19/18. Honestly the faction league scores mean a lot less to me than solo scores due to so many factions losing their rankings when they move.

On a side note i think there should be a way that the faction leader can take the faction rank with them when the faction is moving to another region. I’m sure there are many things to consider to make something like this happen but i do think its dumb that scopely wants us to fight for placement and care about the faction rank but it can so easily be reset to zero. The current system penalizes factions for moving but not solo players. I think its yet another area of leagues that scopely did not have the foresight to see the issues with just like the territory issues we are all seeing now. @JB.Scopely please take it to the team


Do that


I was interested in individuals contributions towards the faction overall trophies, I already knew you could see the combined scores!
Maybe I should have been more clear!


Click members in the image posted above and you will see each individual contribution


Only for stretch not for season lol


Well unfortunately u can’t directly see that, but u can just check out their solo scores. They are mostly correlated.


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