League Trophies out of sync with milestones and missions

Is anyone else having this problem?

Everyone is. It’s a known issue that JB has already acknowledged and commented on. The total in your profile is correct and you will get milestone rewards based on that number regardless of what the others display.


Ah ok, I never noticed that before. How about the missions? I shoulda been able to collect by now?

Also a bug where the retroactive missions are not being completed. Expecting a fix for that, too, but can’t think of the timeframe off the top of my head.

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Is the issue of having the mission that ask for me to get into Bronce 2 going to be fixed? Currently golden V so was wondering if I seriously need to fall down to Bronce or somehow make it to bronce to obtain that mission. Doesn’t seams really worth it. Not having the league store for months or able to get as much league points either…

Yes, as I mentioned above there is a bug where retroactive missions are not being completed. It’s a known bug with a fix being worked on.

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