League trophies not tallying correctly

Since the most recent Solo raid event ended the Solo Leagues Trophies do not tally correctly. The difference in trophies being the reward received for placement in the Solo Raid event. Would not matter much other then it making it that much harder to hit 800k milestone in this last stretch.

Have verified with other faction mates and other players from multiple regions and they are having same issues.

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I have the same problem. Contacted support and they told me to close the app, start it up and leave it running for 20 mins. If that didn’t work I was supposed to go into a different map (territories/ sr/ world) and leave it running for 20 minutes.

Yeah that didn’t work.

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Having the same issue.

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That’s their cut and paste response because it buys them 40 minutes before you message them again.


Well here was their response to my inquiry

Hahaha! My message to them did not mention a damn thing about the turkey road map. Just wanted my missing trophies!

Anyone from Scopely able to help. Before its too late and we miss the 800 k Milestone. @jb.scopely

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