Wot the heck

Purple tokens in league’s are used for getting toon’s in the toon half of the league store.
The white token’s are for gear, mods & other thing’s in the other half of the league store.

That wasent my quesion…


I think the OP is referring to the discrepancy between how many trophies they have in the qualifying stage vs how many they have in the season 7 milestone rewards

~43k vs 164k


I got 162k trophies but on milestones it says I got like 42k


Maybe that’s the amount of purple trophies you’ve collected. I’m only guessing as you get 2 types dropping.
@TayTron can we get any info on this?

Ones are per solo and the others ones are per fac…The milestone ones are the same with the solo…

Arenas dont count

At least they work for league now…

Yes they do. I got 101k trophies and just got the milestone for 98k. The progression bar you see is just glitched. You’ll still get the rewards as you hit them

Milestones screen is broke. You should be getting milestones correctly though, see here:

Ah good to know. I’m close to 220k so I’ll see when I pass that if I get the 3,600.

They still count towards your progress, no matter what the milestones say. Just look at your overall trophies on your profile pic

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