League Trophies end the shop closes

Don’t know how to word this but does the last stretch of league end same time league shop closes cause I want to get 25,000 Mir toon


Yes, better hit that last miestone

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there can be one hour after ending to buy something like between the stretches. better watch for that one. mira aint that good if you wont make it.

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I beg to differ Mira with Bruce and alpha will take down Lydia and Jesus shield teams like a knife through butter, so get her if you can

Too bad I don’t have neither Alpha nor Bruce. :rofl:

Green Abe will add crit chance to that so even better (unless you really need extra hp on an atk team)

Same here. Going to just be able to get Zeke just as I’m not going to be able to get Zeke

Cool thanks fam

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