League Stretch Ending Issue - 10.26.18

League Stretch Ending Issue - 10.26.18

We’ve identified an issue with Leagues that caused Stretch 5 Rewards to distribute early. We’ve resolved this issue and Stretch 5 will continue as intended until it’s scheduled end time on 10/28 at 10pm PDT at which point rewards will be sent and promotion/demotion will happen as normal.

Bad News:
Unfortunately any League Trophies earned between 2pm PDT and 5pm PDT will not count towards your Leagues Score.

Good News:
All of the Stretch 5 Rewards that were distributed today are yours to keep.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The Raid tournament that was previously scheduled for 5pm PDT will start by 10pm PDT


Thank you @Shawn.Scopely for the prompt response. Fair outcome.


This is the correct response and way to handle the situation


Yeah I need help. Was prematurely demoted to gold, then opened the game again and I was back up to platinum 1. Which is correct. But when I just transferred region and then checked my league I am now at the bottom of gold league 1. @Shawn.Scopely can you fix this?
(solo leagues so shouldnt have been affected by transfers

Good job, thanks

Damn, I wish I didn’t spend those coins then haha


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i was kicked out to join another faction while i was asleep and didn’t get the faction leagues rewards. Will I get anything? It’s not like had the highest trophies score from that faction. @Shawn.Scopely

Thank you for getting this sorted out quickly

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You guys got one right. Bravo.

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Mwa ha ha… thanks is right! Finally got me a League Store Zeke, woo hoo!

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weekend started so I’m not gettinga response from support anytime soon right? I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ll not be getting my faction leagues rewards. @Shawn.Scopely

If you were kicked out of the faction you wouldn’t get any rewards from that faction. You’ll have to join another faction to get rewards when the stretch ends.

lol, you all got rewards now and you’ll get them again in 2 days buddy, so don’t tell me that bullshit. i was set to join another faction and because Scopely can’t get their shit straight all the time i didn’t get what 99% of all players got

Tell me, what league was your faction in? Chances are the rewards wouldn’t have done you much good. Not like it’s Scopely’s fault for your faction kicking you out (sure, it’s their fault for giving everyone league rewards early, but your faction kicked you out during that time). Maybe find a good faction that won’t randomly kick you out.

we are diamond 2 and they kicked out to join a better faction(Wde in Irwin) if you can’t read, but i joined back in case i can get them. Ofc its not their fault cuz i got kicked,but its not like their had an update or event without messing something up

I can read fine. You said you were “set to join another faction”, that meant you would leave on your own, not get kicked out. Am I right?

i wouldn’t leave if i wasn’t asked to join them. kicking out and getting invited is how they do it all the time. only problem was that i was sleeping when i was kicked and i didn’t join until 5 hours later.

I wouldn’t say it’s Scopely’s fault then. Not much they could do if you were kicked out during the time.