League stretch end?


Hey, in Abbeville region leagues stretch end info appeared and it did changed league for faction without changing actual score. Time till end of stretch is still 2 days. And we got rewards … ?

It’s some weird thing. @JB.Scopely

Did that happened in other regions as well?

Leagues bug problem
Stretch ended before time?

Happened in Pike too.


Happened in Irwin also


Happened in clarke region too. And already received prices


Come on guys don’t be snitches smh my head
We got one Good thing and y’all couldn’t keep it a secret


lancaster got it here too


time to yell at my region for doing crit faction instead of anything else


I dont complain. Just sayin …


Happened to me too. Though I’m not complaining. Just wish I would have been a good rank ahead cause so far I was in the demoted part and it only gave me half the coins I would have gotten had I been a higher rank.


Trophies have stopped adding. This needs resolved ASAP. Cutting the time early will be a huge FU to the player base expecting to have the weekend to score points… @JB.Scopely


Not like they’re gonna take the coins of people who spent them. Though they could take my 4 star Kelly back if they want.


Happened in choctaw too, bunch of people got demoted too, with time still left we could have avoided a demotion. Not cool.


I think they will do a rollback :'c


Happened in henry too not complaining


I’ve been leveling up my roster, that would suck if they do that.


And I got stun on my green weapon for liga Mira, so I would also be fcked :smiley:


Well. Then they’re definitely rolling back haha.


If they didnt take all the depot points away from wendygate or rollback all the extra toons people got from viktor gate im pretty sure they arent going to do anything here.


You don’t have to say “my head” when you say smh. It’s already covered in the acronym…lol out loud.


Why can’t you take the rewards and let it be… SMH bank makes error in your favor are you gonna call the bank and return the money?