League store weapons

I am surprised one no has posted this yet but wtf
They canlced the league store “exclusive weapons” like zeke SMG and miras sword or some shit so
They could sell it to us now that’s some crack head behaviour
To sum up wheres the moira weapon and give us weapons to buy in league store again I mean theirs already 5 star weapons so if you sell 4 stars weapons in the LS people have to spend to turn them into 5 stars no?
Cmon scopley wheres Shawn’s violent Fiddle stick?

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I remember them back when I was just a S4. (Before I learned about changing stats instead of upgrading em in the armory.

Reword that lol I cant understand what you’re saying

I remember the weapons back when I was just S4 (Gator and negan were my only ascendables back then) I remember buying Zeke SMG and selling it. (My dumbass only knew how to upgrade weapons instead of replace the whole stat)

We did. Only during Season 2. About ten months ago. What kept you?

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I meant about how they have all the league store weapons they just dont release them

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