League store toons gear

Is the gear that was in league store going to be needed anymore? Like the hats and jackets

Yes new hoarde gear has messed it up

It’s been fixed, should be in the leagues store now

In what way is the shop fixed? Can’t buy refills cause it just crashes instead.

What region are you on? Could you DM me your Account Code?

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Bleckley, and I’m on Android if that helps

I was talking about the league toons gear, not the energy. I get kicked out if game when I try to buy the horde energy as well

Same for you @Lovely, Could you please DM me your Region and Account Code? Thanks!

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Seems to be all around. No gear in my store either…

No caps or jackets in mine and they are in CD mode is this gonna screw it up. Cant quite get through anything without breaking something

no gear and game crashed if i wanna buy refills. Also territories crashes all the time.

My game is crashing just at start up over and over now. Not even trying to buy refills.

Thank you, my refills in the league store are fixed now.


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