League Store Suggestion - Trainer Bags

I think a nice new addition to the League store would be trainee bags based on your tier.

Bronze; Bag of 5 Burts; 750-1250 tokens
Silver; Bag of 5 Brady’s; 1500-2250 tokens
Gold; Bag of 5 Basil’s; 2500-3750 tokens
Platinum; Bag of 5 Benedicts: 4000-5250 tokens
Diamond; Bag Containing 3 Lilith or 3 Ulysses (or both so 6?); 5500-7500 tokens

I’d love something like this as it’s majorly help with level ups and the sheer amount of 5* toons etc we receive atm


I second this, new players such as myself don’t have the access to xp scav missions, at prestige 7. Trainers are scarce so I induce thousands of 2*s to lvl up giants. Tedious as hell.

Make sure you specify that you aren’t talking about the ‘season store’ part of the league store or Scopely will just use this to get rid of the 3rd ascendable spot again and replace it with trainer bags and say ‘players asked for it’.

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Yeah make this a normal store item. Not season store. Also, please add a new 7th slot to Season store with a Choose bag with S Class items in please

They should of kept the bags and keep the 3 6 stars. BUT! The bags are now in the league store for gear and it would be bronze (Already able to everyone) than you can buy up to 12 with purple league coins. Once it’s out of stock You’ll have to wait a week to buy it since it’s season coins you can’t buy the time for it to be able again. It be 2k for one bag. (Or just put them back in season store and put them at the end of 5 stars.

I would love the introduction of trainer bags into the league store!

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