League Store Suggestion for next Season onwards

Add a choice bag to the season tokens store.

The bag contains 1000 of any collectible S-Class item of your choice and can be purchased a maximum of 4 times per season.

The bag will not take up a current slot but an extra additional slot and should cost 10,000 season tokens.

I fed this would make the S Class grind more bearable and give players a decent option in case the season tokens go back to being trash.



Very good suggestion, or even 2k tokens for choice boxes of lower quantity, like the bags we once got.


1k for s class collectibles seems good, and put red negan or zachary besides exclusive toon


Would love to see this @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely please can you consider this

Yeah I agree. Have the bags start at 10,000 for 1000 then 7500 for 750, 5000 for 500, 2500 for 250, 1000 for 100 and 250 for 25.

Just seems like such a good idea to me and would likely alleviate some of the complaints and possibly the demand for items in milestones (though honestly, put items as milestones please)

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Cost wise it should’ve about 10k per 1

@ThatOberlinFeel Thanks for the suggestion. I can not promise anything but I have pushed this further to the team for consideration.



Nice to see a response, at least it looks like suggestions do get seen and taken into consideration.

so thank ou for taking this to the team. Just feel it’s be a great decision and would go a long way towards making the players happier again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response hopefully it is worth while and not a low amount like 100 or something

I am happy I tagged them now

Could one of the managers make a post on all of the ideas and then do a poll on the best ones that should get priority over the others.

I like this idea. I don’t see why this would be a issue. This could be easily done and itd help loads! Good idea!

That may be the problem. Scopely doesn’t want to help everyone loads in getting S-Class collection items without spending. If they did this it would undoubtably be at an exorbitant price like 25 Items for 10,000 season tokens or somethingbstupid and pointless like that


No to red negan no more payback or bides and I have neither.

Points have been made here!:space_invader:

to counter everyone getting free s class toons
scopely will release ss class toons.so.whales be happy


PC members should fight for this idea

Excellente idée a voir si scop et d’accord :wink:

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