League store replacing museum collections?


@JB.Scopely is the league store replacing the museum collections? If it is, it’s a terrible decision. The gear is way to expensive in the store. Honestly, your only hurting yourselves if this is the plan. I pulled for wayland and then wanted marlon and Rosie. Guess what, I noticed I only have 7 knife sheaths. No sense in pulling for toons I can’t upgade.

Six stars have been out way to long know. The gear should be readily and easily accessible.


It is easily accessible for the right price.


Yeah no, it’s not. It’s about 14k for 6 pieces of gear so 28k is necessary to t4 a toon and that’s not counting the 36-38 additional k necessary for the GPS and canteen.

The store is nice for an occasional piece of gear to get us over when we are short an item or two but it is not a replacement for the museum earring/random item events.

We need one of them ASAP. Otherwise seriously what is the point of pulling when the “necessary” gear is so hard to come by?


That’s the way it seems to be turning. Last collection was 4th tier only gear starving from 3rd tier gear. Now the league store is the option. Same way they did the gear Depot when it was launched. Starve you the gear you need all the while running constant level up events. If you need gear you have to use the depot. Same thing now if you want to level your 6*s you have to use the league store and decide what toon you want to take up 1 tier per week if you place high enough in your league. If you want to place higher raid more there are now constant sales on raid cans coincidence I think not. Then there will always be the desperation gear and will be on sale in the shop for the current trait of the current promo. Keep Surviving even if it means you have to buy what was promised to us all in yet another broken promise to the loyal player base.


I can’t believe people pay for gear. It’s beyond ridiculous. I mean I guess I’ve bought a canteen and gps in the 7 day offers but I will never buy knife sheaths… six stars have been out for over a year. Time for a six star gear map. If not it’s fine, save me money.


Yea I already missed out on the gps/canteen last week because I needed a bunch of tripods and got the mods instead. The store is stupid. Maybe if they start putting currency in rewards. Otherwise at this pace it’s insane.


stop complaining , my god. How do you have time to complain when you have to survive?


I’m in solo diamonds and also a diamond faction. And with all those tokens I can only afford to buy the 3 guaranteed gold mods and 4 silver/gold boxes. In fact I’m actually going into a deficit doing this. So it’s impossible for me to even afford one piece of gear, not to mention 6x.


@JB.Scopely can you please comment on this issue. Withthe latest gear museums not having gauntlets, dummies, sheaths and tripods… I’m sure everyone is super low. I know I am.


Sure, first to address the initial worry: the League Store complements the Museum as a way to source new game items and characters, depending on your engagement with the various PvP game modes available.

Museum Collections, rewarding resources collection and management, are here to stay, and new events offering various items and gears, from all levels, will always come and go.

Please look out for them in-game!


Any idea on when carl museum collection will be back ?


Appreciate the response. Hopefully there’s one coming soon!


But you never really answered the question. Will the league store replace gear collections in the museum?

Will we see more gear collections in the museum soon?


Are you for real? He answered those 2 questions…


not clear enough?


Agreed. The league store prices are ridiculous. I’m sitting on several legends at tier two and three because it’s so difficult to get secondary gear. Taking it out of the museum the last time was awful as well. I had thousands of leashes left over because I exhausted all the collections.

Bring back the museum collections.


JB comes with the save! Thank god thanks buddy


wait 7 days again for 6 bits of gear or a month worth of gear for just doing events like a normal player?


Doesn’t look clear to me. Still getting mixed messages.


I agree. Did he mean the random pieces of gear you can grab from the various permanent museum collections can be used to compliment the league store? @JB.Scopely can you confirm that there will be a new museum collection similar to the earnings/necklace collection coming soon and if so any idea on when? It’s been a while since the last one ended.

As was stated by the OP and various other The league store is awesome for grabbing that one or two pieces of missing gear in a pinch but we need the museum collection to realistically get the gear we need to play this game properly.