League store refresh

That the league store doesn’t refresh naturally is completely atypical of how every other store functions. I appreciate the extra league tokens lately, but please be consistent with your methodology. Without a natural refresh players are either bottlenecked while waiting for individual items to refresh, or need to coin refresh them.

Stop trying to monetize every single fkn aspect of the game. Please


Refreshes naturally after 5 days after u buy the whole stock

Yup, I edited slightly to better express my point

It’s a weird refresh for sure. Basically plan on purchasing a whole set otherwise you create an unbalanced situation.

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I’ve just went through and purchased all the gear I’m low on to start the refresh. Yes they do allow you to coin refresh like other stuff but it is only that specific gear. Not like you get to refresh all of gold store ect.
Would be nice to see updates to other depots ect as well. Like adding Sr and war cans somewhere.

It’s a bit silly u need to buy all the gear for a refresh.Why does it even cost coins lol

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