League store refresh each week?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely, i was wandering why not have the league store gear reset each week with the new stretch? its annoying to have 1 left over when you go to use the store and then have to wait over a week again for it to reset without paying for it. THrow the F2P players a bone and give us the chance to get gear, there are epic gear road maps each week, but no way to get the legendary gear other than an occasional event.


This actually seems a very good advice… plus we shud have trainers bags back in season stores with Benedict only


When they released 6☆ toon’s we were told that they were going to be releasing a weekly Legendary Gear Roadmap. So we could upgrade them. But here it is yrs later & still no Roadmap for it.

I think this would be Awesome! :+1:

In the league store, you can buy 5 weapons and believe that it is very profitable.

@angry-user - Good point :slight_smile: I’ll check with the team on this even if I can not promise anything regarding the outcome.



yes! sssss! characters, YES!

I now have no league tokens 1.5 mil a few S-classes and it’s all gone, I see no way to now get gear in meaningful amounts so what’s the point in playing🤷🏼‍♂️

@angry-user - This is the intended design as it will refresh after 7 days of when you have exhausted it.

thanks, i know its the intended design, i was suggesting an improvement for game play. but thank you for taking it to the the powers that be.

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