League store & Gift Shop

  1. League store (some changes)
    What should it contain?
  • A unique toon, available until the end of the season
  • Toon chosen by the player community (2 per season, rotation)
  • 3 other ascendence toon (rotation every 2 weeks)
  • collector’s items (rotation every week different)
  1. Gift shop

How could it work? The player can buy gift tokens. These tokens have a value like coins. The player can only use them to buy items (e.g. refills bags) for other players from the same faction.
Scopely could earn extra money, and players could support each other. I know there are a lot of players who care about others.

Needs to be a fee way of abstaining them as well as there already is in the leagues item shop and maybe S-Class collection items should be added to the list


Really really don’t need more silly collection stuff.

Or encourage scopes to sell more shit to us.

If I can’t buy stuff for myself why would I buy for faction mates?

Like the toon rotation tho gives me a reason to spend my league tokens

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