League store five star armory parts

@GR.Scopely why do the machinist’s file and cutting fluid cost 1,500 coins to refresh in the league store? Is this an error?

Players need to have more accessibility to five star weapon tokens and parts. The only way to get them right now are in a raid tournament or top 5 in arenas which is only 10 percent of players in a league.

Not a error see what else they ask for in items store

@Rickygrimes No it doesn’t seem to be an error there but let me double-check and come back to you.


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@Rickygrimes - I am glad to see that the players are excited about this new feature and the full potential of its abilities. Currently, those are intentionally slow to obtain for players as we want all them to enjoy the full content while not burning through it too quickly if those were less expensive to obtain. That being said, I have passed along your feedback.

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