League store expiration

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if this was announced anywhere.
In 34 days (give or take) the current league store characters will expire. What happens after? Do the tokens expire and be reset to 0? Do we get new ones to save up for? Or do the tokens remain ours and can we get the new ones immediately if the current ones don’t match our roster?

Thanks for any helpful replies.


would like to know as well.

@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely a response to this thread would be nice.

For instance, If we don’t have the chance to get Zeke… will he be available again etc…I’m guessing with all the new league characters they won’t come up a second time often.

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I believe they have said that unspent tokens carry over.

I would strongly presume that they’ll put new characters in the store when this season ends. Considering many will probably be close to having Zeke and M’irabelle already, picking up the other bits won’t be too hard. So why not buy them all?

However I also strongly presume that, with the slow lazy rate of designing legacy ascendable 5★, they’ll reuse them again at some point

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Yep tokens carry over to next season

This is from the original post announcing it


This ^

You can always search the forums before making a duplicate post

i already hve that league 6* zek
in my rooster tier4 level 80 or sething

I wanna know if the caracters will appear again or just once.

That Mirabelle is hella expensive…

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But… She have a fedora


Fair enough

This is my question too, will we get two new ones after the 30 day’s is up? A new yellow and new blue perhaps? I’m hoping that we know before the timer ends so I can decide if I want zeke or wait for someone else


Take screenshot b4 it ends I can see people getting screwed out of what they saved

Both Mirabelle and Zeke have the title “Leagues Season 1”. I will be surprised if they put them in the league store again. They may eventually show up in another store or Ascendance.


That’s a good point. I’m leaning towards Zeke. So many already have him maxed in my region. Seems strong.

She may have the fedora but where is her neckbeard? Does she identify as a “nice guy” and say m’lady?

Those are the important questions.

I lean the other way. I would be surprised if scopely keeps cranking out free toons for the league seasons lol.

in beta there was different toons every season…they will probably change them up…im only getting one of the toons so i have some change for the next draft picks…

They should put legacy toons not new toons

In a future visual re-work, surely

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