League store changes


Kate is now in the store, but I swear those weapons have had there prices increased. Wasn’t ezekiels weapon 3000?


was someone taken out in place for Kate? I can’t remember


Just added not* subtracted.

Scopely doing their meta homework :slight_smile:


Wasn’t pyria in there when it dropped?


Yes Priya was in the store


Ezekiel’s weapon was 6000


Why is mirabelle more then zeke? :thinking:


Kelly used to be 6k now he’s 12k


Not very good characters, but Mirabelle is decent as leader for an attacking melee team and Zeke could work as leader (for non Erika owners) or even behind Erika.
I prefer Zeke, I think.


She’s in mine


Changes were made to increase spending. If something is too easy it will decrease profits


Pyria is still in the store :man_shrugging:


I can understand the price for Kelly being increased since he is an ascendable but why has Mirabelle’s weapon been increased?


Considering Andrea was just released, Mira is about a few months too late. Clearly AP lead atk teams are going to be desired.


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