League store additions?


@JB.Scopely, @Shawn.Scopely, please consider adding both ascension medals, Lilliths, and Ulysses to league store. Have not been able to ascend as frequently as before due to the lack of ascension medals and not having any luck finding Lilliths. Thank yous


keep on survivng


add Liliths and Ulysses please.


I like this actually, but you can only buy 3 at a time and they cost 5k each


5k is too much, make them cost like 5* gear, the ones that are 2400, seems like a fair price


Yes lilliths plz


They won’t add anything useful. They have been starving us intentionally for Liliths for a month now. It’s all part of the plan. Either go pay $15 bucks and get 2 from that crappy deal if you’re desperate enough otherwise keep surviving.


I agree with the cost, I feel that would be reasonable.


I’m right there with you, I doubt they would add to the store, but it’s worth asking for. As for paying, not going to spend any more money on this game, especially after the fiasco with the 3YA tokens. Super unfair.


I posted a thing about this a couple weeks ago. Yes please add rush and Active trainers to League Store.


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