League Shops are now open


Seeding is over, shops are open.


Do you receive reward?


Anyone know how often they will refresh?


As soon as you claimed the last piece, it restocks in 7 days, but you can restock immediatly for 500 coins




sure about this ?

im not sure i seen this explained any where.

Thanks for the info though !



think what he meant was, as soon as each item is out of stock, a timer will start for 7 days to refresh, each item has its own timer, and the timer only starts when you have bought the item, at least for platinum. For example, there are 4 gold mods, once all 4 are bought, the timer starts, it is a 7 day timer to refresh.


That’s exactly what I tried to say, thank you for the clarification


only thing worth to buy there are the gold mods (if you reached platinum).
Everything else looks too expensive (canteen/gps)


Tripods… Tripods!!

GPs you can get from the museum…


It actually depends on what you buy, some cost 250 coins to restock


The teir 3 5* gear is 150 coins


Bought me a gold mod and some gear to work on Andrea and red Jesus.


All mods refresh every 7 days. I assume it’s the same for gear.


Gear’s for me. I need to T4 some people and this dog leash collection will ease the spending a bit. Kinda mad the league/season points and coin rewards don’t stay the same.


Gears for me as well. Needed that t3 gear soooooooooooo bad


Knife sheath availability just made my Monday! Lol


Will it have any special offer? 18.600 for a gps??? Wtf


Bought GPS, can confirm it has a seven day refresh.

I suspect this might herald the end of the museum collections we’ve seen, and GPS currently stalling my progress so figured it was worth it