League shop reinit

It would be nice if the league shop (the one with gear) should reinit every week, Same time than the league. Because it’s really annoying to have to take, for exemple, the 6 gloves when we need only 4, just to make the countdown start because if you don’t next time you will have only 2 and one week of waiting or 350 po to pay…


100% agree with that.
The countdown should be automatic and start every new stretch, even if I buy only 1 gear

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I agree too… I hate wasting tokens just to start the countdown

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Could be nice to put it in the next update, if it’s still possible

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The system favours top players; those who have enough league tokens to buy all six of an item when they may only need three or four.

Over time, it will even out. For example, if you only need one Tripod to T4 a Tough 6 star, the other five you buy will contribute to the 12 you need to T3 & T4 your next Tough 6 star.

However, if you are low on tokens, the best way to gain more is a level up, so using tokens on future characters is not efficient when you need to focus on the characters in your roster at the time so you can score big in the level up.

yup thats quite a problen but i would prefer if they start giving more league tokens since they removed coins and week reward ist even enough to get single legendary gear

I’m a heavy spender and am starting to worry about level ups… I need to hit 2 mil to get my gear tokens but I need gear to do so… I’m stuck in a loop… They really need to make another way to obtain gear

They were supposed to but just another lie

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