League season seven?

Another season is coming to a close soon and who thinks they’ve put any thought into new league store toons yet? Will we at least see helpful 5 stars for the arena? Sure yellow Andrea was nice to finish collections but how about something worth leveling instead this time?

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Or even better a S-class…

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I hope not, 5 stars are dead

eh not anymore for 5 stars only arena…

I’d kinda like to see a new NEVER ascendable 5 star Bide or Payback toon for the arena in the league store.

I don’t see that happening, a character with payback is insanely worth putting on a team regardless if they have a good kit to go with it or not, the only way Scopely would give a toon w/ payback is if they made them have extremely high HP and Defense and made their rush give a huge amount of defense to themselves

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how about a NO

Why would anyone want a league store toon to have payback? So that EVERY team you face has a payback toon in it?

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why not ask for a bide toon. Yeah no thanks :ok_hand:

that’s the team I used and I won every match personally out of this team negan, yellow sawyer and shield much one should be available too everyone

Please Scopely just let 3rd ascendable in leagues return lol, that is the major change needed in the leagues store.

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