League Season 7

Putting all the other issues aside…any rumours on toons for Season 7. Is Earl worth it or should I save my mere 31k season tokens?


Save em🤗

Depends, if u dont have a weapon breaker yet hes very useful. Otherwise, save ur coins

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if u have blue mich would say no

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Only have piper and cole with some disarming

I didn’t have a disarm so I went ahead and made the purchase. Then I was hit with typical scopely luck a couple days later pulling blue michonne from 5* tokens. I’d say buy at your own risk, but he should still be useful.

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If you have impair on attack weapon, earl then can be made useful as a support toon with an AP down mod, now with a double attack weapon he can work too solely for disarming purposes not much control their though,

I have never seen anyone say weapon breaker before that is pretty much what it is not really disarming unless a gun and a hand should be in it


Disarm is very important part of this game and u should buy him since u dont hveany disarm yet and who knows when will u pull disarm michonne frim 5* tokens wheel , if u ever manage to pull her

Are there any leaks for season 7 league toons yet? Or any toon leaks at all?

I no longer use a disarm, but did find disarm invaluable, michonne is on the 5* wheel and she is 100x better

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yeh but only if he manage to pull her , imagine if he never manage to pull her then Eral is his last chance to get an easy diasrm

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Yeah I think I will get him but gonna wait a day before end of season. Thank you all.

Agreed can’t argue with that, my first disarm Louis was a game changer for me :+1:

I would get him since u don’t have a round 1 disarm. He is also very underrated. His triple attack can hit very hard

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Nice one WalkerBait

I think it’s good to have both mich and earl. they fulfill different roles imo. Payback teams demand someone like earl who doesnt rush hard. Mich at 300 percent still easily activates payback

Disarm is a specialist that can change the way to attack. Earl is so-so. Have more stats than the current ones but less usable… doing 3 attacks and nothing more makes his AR useless, and his active skill is pretty basic…

Got him and tried with multiple setups but got benched quickly.

If the next toon is not a ranged toon Im wasting all my tokens on bags

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