League Season 4 Toons

Yes we are still 24 days away but I wanted to know what you guys are hoping for in the season 4 store?

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There was already a leaked toon before Season 3.

I was hoping it would get reposted lol

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I’m hoping he’s a bezerker
I also have been saving up my purple tokens so I’m hoping a human sheild but unlikely


hes a shield/revive with a taunt weapon… best of the best

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Taunt when been atacked I guess

Says he is a damage toon. So doubt he’s a shield also


Its decap 2, when being attacked this character has a chance to decap the attacker


Who cares gonna need a bunch of crap gear that takes way too much of. Gonna have to be some amazing toons to even bother because they have bottle knecked all the gear so badly cant use half my toons anymore :woman_shrugging:


i bet he’s a decap or neutralize

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I hope he is parting shot.


I bet they remove his weapon before season 4

Camille was should be in session 2 store then put it in premier wheel so nothing sure until release

They need to remove that weapon… it’s so stupid. Talk about nullifying shields.

Taunt resist? It’s not mandatory to have stun and confuse resist on the sheild like 99% of teams

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Sure but stun weapon isn’t 100 percent… 100 percent on a taunt resist of 50-60 is way higher odds. It’s a stupid weapon imo. Nothing should be 100 percent in this game.

Its the only way to break mod and maybe thats what weapon 5* will come for

Disarm Michonne, just because they keep putting her in token events.

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Tuning fork dude. It is certain.

I’m hoping Charlie is an anti-shield with decap, a damage rush, and a focus active.

As for the other, I’m hoping it’s a disarm toon or a Lacerator. Those are high hopes though. I bet one of them will be a leader of some sort.