League rewards vs personal investment


Hi Scopely,

First of all, League is a great idea to stimulate factions activities and give rewards to players who are active in the game. Thanks for that :slight_smile: but why are the rewards so low? The rewards we saw in the first phase was promising but now when you see the rewards vs the personnel investment, it’s ridiculous :/.

So you can imagine my shock, on opening the new league, to find that the new look, the Scopely rewards structure. All this effoirt for a small compensation!

I’m currently DIAMOND III and only 730 coins and 13600 league points for 1st place. After the limitation of videos we have experienced, you should rework this rewards system and comprare them to others video games.

It’s make us think that scopely is " skinflint" with their players.

@JB.Scopely, I think it’s something you can share with the team to keep us surviving.



First of all I’d like to point out leagues is a very nice addition. Affordable gear in the stores and rewards for just doing everyday things. So I won’t complain about it. Secondly I want to point out each individual is placed with around 50 others in a league system. Your goal is to beat those if you want to get promoted or eventually demoted. Luckily you’re not competing against the whole player base. Then you’d probably be ranked 1.3 millionth and in silver 5 instead of third in diamond tier. I’d suggest you guys stop complaining about things that are good and things that work. Unless you want scopley to take it away…


Close this thread if it isn’t broke don’t break it they don’t have to give us anything dude so how about we appreciate leagues instead of complaining about it thanks.


Id suggest scopely understand who has the real power here, the ones with the money, shame most players are stupid or gambling addicts to understand this. Also scopely should stop ruining thier name, theyve dug a deeper hole than EA, ubisoft and activision ever could, some of us gamers follow the ceos, devs, cm, etc when they hop from game to game or company to company, i for one will never even play a game with scopes name on it as will others.


It’s more coins than any previous reward in the last three years…


Just open your eyes and compare with others games. I like RTS and i 've been playing it for 3 years now but i just want to share what a lot of players are sharing in their factions.

Players are quitting the game not because they don’t like it, but because of some RIP off feeling or because of lack of motivation in tournament.

I just want scopely returns to the basics of the game. I remember when we fought for 5* in war, level up or factions raids. It was enought motivating to fight all over the week end and to spend ! Why they don’t do this again with 6*.

Another thing is the main reason people like me stop spending real money to this game is because what we get don’t value the cost we spend. How many players spends lot of money for a toon they don’t get. Or how do you think we feel when we buy and pulls for the offers like the specials promo we got this week end ( Epic garanteed pulls or special offers 1 to 5). This kinds of offers makes me lost of frustrations of the game. I always look where is the RIP when i Saw a new offer.

What Scopely should do to make me spend again? Fair offers and stop the gambling system.

In the others games i m playing, i can buy lot of things with small amount of money. For instance, in Game of thrones, i can get a dragon eggs for 5$ and start my luck to carft it to became a dragon. Every fails increase the chances of enhancement, you can spend more to accelerate the level up of your dragon.

The best part of this game is to bulids teams to compete in PVP, war and so on. Even if everyone got the première recruits, it still possible to set up attractive team and to enjoy the game. what these toon need to be so exclusive and expensive?

I can understand that you can get the best toon with money but the worst thing in this game is the frustration you have when you make all these pulls for nothing! it’s worst if you spend a lot of money!



i used very little territory energy and free raid energy and very few cans during tourneys and stayed in diamond. just play and dont worry about “beating” everyone. you will get coins for little and access to mods and other things from store. only thing broken or needs rework as far as leagues is the impact on territories, imo, and thats an easy fix…reward trophies for walker clearing or remove trophies on attks period for territories


Sounds like you need to find something productive to do.


Haha, I was on holiday with 3G reception all week so I’m platinum 2 and I get 620 coins this week!


I’m not gonna bother reading the whole rant sorry, twd rts is in a league of its own. Despite whatever scopley is the game itself is actually well maintained and there’s always something to do. Name one other game in its league that offers everything rts does? It’s no doubt the game is slow to adapt to player needs but it did drastically increase ever since monthly log in rewards. League is another step forward. Thing is the fact remains, you do not need GOLD Coins to compete in game. All the other currency available for free makes up for what you can’t buy with coins. Leagues offers you some gold you can save up. Imagine 600 coins x8 =6400 coins after 8 weeks. That’s 2x10 pulls we previously couldn’t dream about. Or 600 coins per week is f2p spending money for war


So you were serious, see all the post for dead region and so on. People are quitting the game like hell you are wright don’t bother to read this post and keep surviving :slight_smile:


It’s called a bubble sort… it’s how you sort a large number of things into their exact order.

It’s how they get everyone in the game lined up against their peers to encourage competition.
They needed to have high rewards at first to get you to care… not so much later on.

The first 2-3 weeks are a joke… but the last 6 weeks are going to be a dog fight.
People cant stand losing, right?


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