League results for me


I finished 3rd after going 24/7.

I got to buy a gps from the shop.

I have 1/3 of the points for mira.

I guess I don’t have to try to hard at all instead of going crazy.

Unless I want to get all the ascendables offered.



That was my final score forgot to take a ss of the podium but that’s a little before the even ended
And It was fun met some cool ppl in my league was fun


I managed to do whatever I could and I snagged some gear and a gold mod so I can’t complain.


Didn’t really push for a league place but finished 6th anyway, landed me enough points to buy all the gear I needed to T4 Lydia + 1200 coins.

I’m happy enough with that for doing no more than I usually would anyway :+1:t2:


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