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During the warm up stage of Leagues I was immediately placed in gold tier, and I am now currently in platinum (Randolph EN). Because of this, i cannot attain the, “Contender” or, “Climbing the Ranks” mission rewards, as it involves reaching bronze 2 and silver division. Is there any chance of being able to claim these rewards and the consecutive parts there after (e.g Contender pt.2)? It may only be a small amount of trophies but they all amount to something. A fix would be appreciated


Welcome ozone!! We have been asking for two seasons now to fix this!! Not high on the priority list for them. Keep surviving.


Thanks for replying, didn’t realise it had already been bought up, kinda sucks though. Stay safe man.


It’s been fixed in the latest Beta update so you will be able to collect them soon


Ah yes, finally. Thank you man, good to hear it.


The update that’s out at the end of March fixes this. I’m on beta and have already received rewards regarding lower league ranks.


Next time using the search function will help you find answers to your questions. This will also clear up the forums from duplicates and clutter. There are lots of topics about this as well as a pinned update thread detailing a few patch notes that you should take a look at.


He’s new here dude,chill


Well the beta users told me something I didn’t know…


The pinned thread does not contain any patch notes of the issue discussed here until comment 123, which is pretty buried for new user to find. Keep on being a douche though. We got introduced to two brand new forum members and this is how your contributed
Welcome @Ozone and @MrCrunchy


As stated above, it’s been fixed in this next update. Along with the food in the gear Depot issue (allowing people to buy multiple stacks of food at once).


Ah okay, sorry I didn’t know of that feature. I’ll bare that in mind for future reference. Thanks.


Thanks for the welcome, next time I’ll try and be more thorough in searching before I post. Apologies man.


Ah great thank you for that.


Okay great, thanks for that.


Don’t apologize, you have nothing to apologize for. You are new and may not even be aware of the search button, let alone how to shift through all the shit this place offers lol.


hey welcome to the community MrCrunchy

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