?! League rank issue for me

I was 18th in Diamond 1 and was 12th in SR tourney in League.

And after I got rewards from lvl and SR, I found out My league rank dropped to 28th…

How this can be happend??

Folks who weren’t above you in the ranks put up more points than the rest ?

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I’ve gone from 7th to 49th after one Survival Road tourney so welcome to the club.

They threw some :money_with_wings::moneybag: on cans and got them points.

Mine appears to have done the same. I just assumed everyone below me finished above me last tournament.

Region probably puts up trainer teams in territories as well as raids. Those lead to huge amounts of trophies.

Also the trophies earned multiplier increases by your highest team grade.

I also fell like 20 places after the tournament putting me into the demotion zone. I thought i just didn’t try hard enough lol.

If people are making 30k trophies and your at 200 trophies then yes your not trying hard enough.

and how can this happend? as i wrote in post… I had more trophies and higher ranks in SR tourney

SR ranking won’t get you many more trophies than the other people in your league. Maybe they’re raiding and fighting in territories a lot and you’re not? Problem is, since we don’t know how many trophies everyone in your group had before and after SR, we can’t possibly explain it. We just don’t have enough information to tell.

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