League rank for season 2 is bugged


League season 2 is out and it tells me im not in any rank and i cant level up in it for 6 days is this a bug does anyone else have it?

Leagues Season 1 Ends. And I see potential bugs
Fix your game scopely

No this is common with everyone it’s a cool off period for a week until league two starts my friend :slight_smile:


Mine says the same yet a couple of people in my faction are reporting they are in leagues


Yep, same here. Was in platinum IV, now I’m in no league and getting trophies changes nothing. Shop is unaccesible.


Any help @JB.Scopely


in fact i’ve just seen a ss, one of my mates is in platinum and can buy from gear shop


This is no cooldown or anything. Some people have it working normally.


Be it a bug or not we have to have access to the store


Exactly, the store. The last source of gear in your constant level ups, @JB.Scopely


Leagues start again in 2 days.

Like Ross and Rachel we are on a break…


Same problem here. Is this a new feature?


How do you know this?


Whenever it starts, some people are locked out of the store and some are not. Unfair. Also the timer goes on, it says stretch I 6 days something :confused:


this what mine currently say’s …I’m just going off tread season two Jb wrote about cool off period


It’s been posted on forums past week. They are giving people 2 days to buy from the season one store before it changes.


from a faction mate


Hi, thanks for the heads up.

I’m currently aggregating player reports on those issues, to be looked into as soon as possible:

  • Solo Season 2 hasn’t started for some players
  • The League Store isn’t accessible for some players
  • Few other players cannot transfer region currently


Thanks @JB.Scopely we can always count on you☺


is this meant to be locked till leagues opens again


I have access to the character display menu, just not the items/gears tab function