League points in terr


So offering league points in territories has ruined playing territories. Factions are only hitting what someone else has for points and leaving walkers in its place. There’s not enough energy to go round to keep the board from going white. Maybe you should offer league points for hitting walkers too.


I think they should completely get rid of league points for territories. It’s the only way things will go back to normal on the board. Offering points for clearing walkers will only serve to keep them going to walkers.

Offering points for territories is only doing more damage than good @JB.Scopely


A lot of people have been saying the same thing and as far as I know, we have yet to get an official response.

They had to know this would happen. They know it’s also prone to crashing and glitching. Who thought it would be a good idea to add trophies to territories? Seriously.

Fix your game.


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