League missions still broken

New year,old bugs?..

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I didn’t see them actually

League missions will be fixed as of Season 3, as stated

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Besides the more people saying this the quicker it’ll be fixed I guess

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I thought JB said they hoped to be fixed by S3. i just check my Profile and ignore the broken part. I know it is broken and sad that they cannot fix it. I think it is much less of a problem than the resets in territories.

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I seem to see you,Red Reaper,And the Wanderer on all forum post’s

To be devil’s advocate, they still have 2 weeks to fix it to fit within the ‘by S3’ timeframe lol

It’s a challenging thing to fix errors like that. Nothing so simple as scanning all player instances of a character and replacing their inventory according to progress.


Was that to me? I have made 4 posts today 2 yesterday prior to that my last was on dec 25.

edit: 5 now.

Well a few posts I read
you had the last reply so.

You would think so buttttt that’s not how scopely operates lol

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