League mission rewards glich




if were placed platinum of diamond how can we get these


same mines stuck there as well


Support said they know of this bug, theres no time frame on a fix and closed my ticket.

The exact same thing they told me regarding missing survival road rewards like 5 months ago. That I still havent got.

Lame af.


And then they will say keep on surviving haha

If they just rest everyone at start like season 1 where could replace in Gold or diamond this bug wouldn’t have happened


they acknowledged ths issue and they ll fix it in future :smiley:


@JB.Scopely , fix this :confounded:


Bump this tread please


It should be fixed after territories so get ready for a long wait




How do you know this dammm that’s gonna be long time


If it’s not for money making like the Andrea bullsh*t than they move at a snails pace


Bumping tread


No need to bump. Asked multiple times a day, every single day. Already acknowledged as a bug and answered.


Thanks for posting that I read 3 treads about the mission and didn’t see any response


I’m suprised that any of you are suprised by this.:neutral_face:


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