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Can someone at scopely help as your support is making no sense, I reached 98000 milestone yesterday but did not receive the 1600 league tokens, when I contacted them they told me I had the award on the 15th Dec, how can that be if I didnt reach the milestone until 25th? @JB.Scopely

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There’s several topics popping up when I use the search option and copy paste your title. You can do it!

I did there was nothing the same question

Same here, same answer

Same thing happened to me and couple of my factionmates too. Support keep saying that I received the tokens which I did not. They said that I reached the last milestone 15th december, but I reached that at 23rd december. I kept asking for my rewards but I was not able to get anywhere with them.

It’s a visual glitch, disregard milestone view and go by profile view. You received milestone rewards when profile view reached milestone, feel free to check the several threads already stating this.

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This exactly. They may not have gotten an incorrect or stupid answer from support, but it’s the same issue.

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Nope. No milestone at time

It is not a visual glitch for me because I know my season tokens count, milestones did not add up.

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