League milestones rewadr

i have complete milestone 220000 . but not resive reward .more than 2day gone and nothing.that i must to do?

Check your profile, how many trophies do you have?

The amount which show on the milestones is incorrect, the amount on your profile is correct.


Profile -> 250k.
Milestones -> 180k.

Somethings not right. If profile is correct than I’m also missing some milestone rewards.

Hmmm. Sure you didn’t get the 220k milestone and not realise it?

I see Ladygeek is typing, she knows the deal…

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Lots of people think they’re missing milestone rewards because they don’t look at the correct number in the profile and don’t realize they passed the milestone and collected a long time ago.

look to profile 394000 so also not recive 325000reward

The simplest, most likely explanation is that you did receive the rewards, but didn’t realize what they were for because you didn’t know where to look to get your correct score. No one here on the forums can help you any further than explaining that. You can open a ticket with support and they will be able to look at your account and provide you more information.


Maybe they think they’re missing rewards because I know my milestones keep is way off from my actual score. It just doesn’t look right. actual score 300k next milestone 325k Milestone keep isn’t even close to that number then it will just Jump to it when I get that Leagues score.

I am 1310 from my next reward. I watch these pretty close because I need it to get the last character in the shop. I will know for sure if I miss it.

hit the milestone, got the medals.

In case people wanna see it in action, tripped past the 325k milestone, despite my “milestones” tracker showing me being a little off the 220k

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